July 28, 2016

Easy Upgrades: Adding Trim to Curtains

One of my favorite ways to add depth and texture to a room is to hang curtains from a simple rod. Since curtains can cost a small fortune and are often priced per panel (talk about sticker shock) I have devised a few tricks to make simple, inexpensive panels look more high end. One of my best solutions is to add trim to the leading edge of a solid color curtain panel. There are so many reasonably priced passementerie options out there these days that it isn’t difficult to find something with a little pop of color or texture.

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July 27, 2016

A Simple Backyard Fort

It can be challenging to encourage kids to play outside when the temperature creeps up and the humidity level is oppressive. In order to get my kids out more this summer we constructed a play fort for them out of scraps of wood we had lying around in the garage. We placed it in the shadiest part of the yard and raised it off the ground about 3 feet – just high enough to make it feel like it is nestled in the trees.

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July 26, 2016

I’m an Adventurous Home Buyer, Are You?

I hadn’t thought of myself as an adventurous home buyer until my then agent told me such a person would be the one to purchase the home my husband and I now own.  He was right…we were adventurous, and sometimes our adventures are lengthier and have more twists and turns than we’d originally planned. But we love our house and would buy it again.

Our home is an architecturally-unique Montrose house that was built in 1925 and is full of character,

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July 22, 2016

Easy Upgrades: A New Look for the Front Door

It’s amazing how even the smallest change can make a big difference. My husband and I found ourselves at home without kids for the first time possibly since they were born and what do you suppose we did? Catch up on Orange Is The New Black? Take a long, well deserved and much needed nap? Cook a gigantic breakfast and sit on the porch drinking coffee and reading the paper?

Nah. We consulted our lengthy list of small house projects…

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July 21, 2016

Anatomy of a Vignette

I have a habit of constantly shuffling things around my house. It seems as if the minute I am satisfied with a corner of one room I am busy in another switching things around. Over the years I have gotten better at arranging vignettes on table tops and bookshelves, it takes practice. I have learned that there are a few elements that are essential in a good looking assortment of pretty things: a variety of height and shapes is key,

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July 20, 2016

An Outdoor Children’s Workspace

My love affair with outdoor play spaces began years ago, even before my oldest son was navigating the backyard. I began following several Instagram accounts and Pinned so many mud kitchens I’m sure my followers wondered about my obsession. So, when I met Lizzie Assa, owner of The Workspace for Children, I was hooked. I knew I would be among her first clients when she began assembling outdoor children’s workspaces for homeowners.

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July 19, 2016

Restoring Leaded Glass Windows

One of the numerous small issues we inherited when we moved into 120 Oakview was a concave bump out in one of the sidelights that bank the front door. The house is almost 90 years old and the leaded glass windows are original to the home. They clearly hadn’t been touched since the house was built so it was not a shock that some restoration was due.

After researching a number of glass restorers I ended up hiring Studio J based out of Paterson,

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July 18, 2016

Design Surprise: Painted Radiators

Like many of these old homes in our community, 120 Oakview has gigantic old radiators as the main source of heat. Over the years the rads in my home have been painted, chipped, painted again and then hidden behind generic metal covers. One of the first things we did after moving in was to remove all of the covers. I love the charming old hunks of metal and I decided to leave them out in the open and treat them as a design feature.

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July 15, 2016

Get Outside: A Brick Herringbone Walk

When we moved into 120 Oakview there were so many things inside the home that needed attention that the outside to-do list was simply set aside. Three years went by before outdoor projects made it onto the radar. When we overhauled the vegetable garden last fall, it was placed next to a concrete walkway that had seen better days. It was cracked and uneven and ugly. It needed to go.

One morning I got out the trusty sledgehammer,

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July 14, 2016

Design Surprise: Kid Friendly Design Pieces

With two small kids in my home, and therefore two small truckloads of toys, I am always on the lookout for pieces of furniture that will grow with my family. Finding things that are durable enough for active play and flexible enough to span the many phases of childhood can be… tricky. Designing for the ever changing needs of families is something that is important to me and because of this, I am no stranger to IKEA.

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