September 26, 2016

Get Outside: Planting Fall Crops

The attempt I made to rid my abundant kale of pesky whiteflies pretty much failed. The bed was just too infested with the little critters to bounce back and while the steeped garlic concoction seemed to work at least a little bit, the leaves were so covered in sticky eggs that what remained was inedible.

I ended up pulling out the entire bed and giving the soil a good turn. After adding some compost to freshen it up, I plunked in a fresh batch of kale seeds. Since kale is a cold-tolerant crop, and a quick growing one at that, I am hoping that it will have a chance to grow before it gets too cold. If it does, it should produce well into November with the help of a cold frame. Kale salad for Thanksgiving anyone?

While I was busy with the kale bed I managed to put in some carrots and lettuces in the now vacant zucchini bed just to see what happens. Are you planning any fall crops this year?