October 11, 2016

Get Outside: A Simple Brick Border

This weekend I finally tackled the crazy overgrown mess that was our Butterfly Garden. We put it in late last spring and never really paid it any attention throughout the summer. We were aiming for a fairly wild feeling habitat for pollinators of all sorts and frankly, the weather was so hot this summer that maintaining any sense of order within the bed was pushed to the bottom of the list.

I say the aim was for a wild habitat… but what I really mean is more along the lines of contained wilderness. I still want it to look maintained and loved (even though it clearly wasn’t this summer) and the weeds still need to be kept at bay in order to allow the desired plants to flourish. One thing that will help in this goal is to make clear lines between the bed and the path. I had some brick leftover from when I put in the herringbone walk so I dug a small trench and laid the brick on its side within it. Nothing fancy, just a clear line, but I think it makes a difference. I added some fresh mulch to the path as well which always makes a garden look spiffy.

Pulling the weeds helped a bit too…