October 20, 2016

Artist Profile: Samar Hussaini, Fine Artist and Graphic Designer

In anticipation of Blue Scarf Collective’s inaugural show Breaking the Static, we will be featuring a Blue Scarf Collective artist every few days. Check back often!

A West Orange resident and member of Blue Scarf Collective, Samar Hussaini creates mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas. “Samar” translated from arabic means sitting and enjoying the time with good friends as the sun sets. As her name suggests, she delights in long nights with friends discussing art, politics, love, culture and life.

onGrove: How long have you lived in SOMA?

Samar Hussaini: Six amazing years and growing, finding inspiration everywhere.

oG: What style home do you live in?

SH: Colonial.

oG: How would you describe your home decor style?

SH: Eclectic and organized chaos.

oG: Are you a DIYer or do you hire out most of your home jobs?

SH: DIYer small stuff and hire out big stuff, but always involved.

oG: What is your favorite room in the house? What about that room speaks to you?

SH: My favorite room is the front porch because its a place to escape and a place to be with family and friends.

oG: When people ask you “What do you do?” how do you reply?

SH: I create art work of intense personal experiences in hopes of expanding perspectives.

oG: What is your medium?

SH: Mixed media, acrylic and watercolor.

oG: What are you currently working on?

SH: A series that explores the idea of Legacy, cultural awareness and layered identity.

oG: How long have you been working in your current medium/practice? 

SH: All my life. I’ve loved to create since I can remember. After getting my Masters in communication design at Pratt I worked in online advertising as a senior art director and loved it. I enjoyed being able to help the clients vision come to life.

oG: How has your creativity evolved over the years?

SH: I am finally creating works of art that tell my story. I wouldn’t have been able to get here without the creative experiences I’ve had through the years. From art school at the University of Maryland, to working in galleries, to advertising and finally to parenthood – all these amazing experiences have helped mold me into the artist I am. And I’m so very proud.

oG: How long have you been in a creative field overall?

SH: All my 29 plus years.

oG: What other mediums do you want to explore (or are exploring)? 

SH: I’m currently exploring installation art.

oG: What are you trying to say with your art?

SH: We are all layered and that’s what makes us amazing. Sometimes you have to take the time to get up close to explore those layers and uncover the beauty.

oG: What inspires you? 

SH: My family, good friends and experiences I’ve had in life.

If you’d like to learn more about Samar and her work visit her at Blue Scarf Collective or on her website.

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