November 15, 2016

Maximizing Space: Radiator Toppers

Here at 120 Oakview there is a glaring lack of table top space throughout – lots of windows, not a whole lot of places to put stuff. There is a definite need in my home to use whatever magic is necessary to maximize surface area – in both a practical way and from a design point of view. I am always looking for creative ways to display more of the things I can’t help but collect.

One of the solutions I have come up with is to top my large radiators with a thick slab of wood. While I wouldn’t set a houseplant atop one of these hunks of iron due to the temperature, books, picture frames and small decorative items aren’t be bothered by the warmth. It’s a simple solution that can add a lot of versatility to a room.

In my house I simply glued two pieces of oak together and then sanded them down before placing them on top of my radiators. It does the trick. However, if I were to do it again, I would go to my local reclaimed wood salvage yard and buy a beautiful plank of barn wood to use. Cut to size, sanded down and maybe even oiled with some linseed oil, a piece of salvaged wood would add yet another layer of texture to the space.