November 29, 2016

Creating Space: The Coveted Basement Playroom

When we first moved into 120 Oakview from our small 2 bedroom Brooklyn apartment it felt positively vast. Empty rooms! Wide open spaces! A basement! Fast forward four and a half years and that vast, wide open space feels… a little less so.

While the house still fits our needs for the most part, we could really use just one more room. I suspect it’s a common feeling. The current HQ of Sarah Gee Interiors is tucked into a corner of the playroom. As my projects get larger I am finding that I need space to spread out without having to move crayons and coloring books. With two growing kids and a growing business, I have come to terms with the fact that things need a little shuffling. The time has come to make the coveted basement playroom a reality.


Here is what my office looked like this morning…




Unfortunately, like so many projects around the home, attaining that goal is akin to opening a giant can of worms. In order to get to the finish line at least one million other things must first be accomplished. Walls need to come down, walls need to go up, the floor needs to be painted, electrical needs to be reconfigured, stuff needs to be rearranged, shuffled and yes, purged. It’s a lot of work. On top of it all, our basement is… unpredictable. It is usually dry but not always and that makes its current state useless for pretty much anything but storage. I’d hate to go through all of the effort to put up walls only to have it all ruined by the first torrential downpour. Sigh. Because of this, we sat down and figured out all of the bits and pieces that need to happen before we can arrive at the finish line. After re-prioritizing our lengthy list of home improvements, waterproofing was moved right to the top.

After meeting with several different companies we ended up choosing Gregory’s Waterproofing out of Scotch Plains. I met with Jeff here at the house and he was friendly, personable, honest and straight forward. He also had a sense of humor, something I appreciate. The quote came in at $5600 for full French drains and I was told it would take 3 days. It seemed reasonable, if not a little painful, and so I booked it. Now begins the incredible task of moving everything in the basement in four feet from the walls. If you need me I’ll be downstairs in the swamp.