December 08, 2016

Easy Updates: Flor Tiles

Have you ever used Flor carpet tiles? I first used them in the tiny kitchen of my Brooklyn apartment. I know, it sounds weird, but when you combine cracked tiles and crawling babies it was actually the perfect solution. Here in Maplewood I have them in our back entry and in the pantry off the kitchen. Both are spaces that get a lot of traffic and where the floors are basically unfinished sub floor. It feels nice underfoot, is easy to clean and, in my opinion, makes a small space look neat and tidy.

This past September, when we carved out space for a mudroom, we mostly re-purposed items that we had on hand. The floor got a few small throw rugs and they worked just fine for the beautiful weather we had in early autumn. Here we are a few months later and my mind is filled with slushy boots stomping in and out of the house. I decided it was time to come up with a more permanent flooring solution for the space and Flor seemed like the answer.

The Flor website makes it really easy to figure out how many carpet tiles you need for your space. For my 9X6 room I needed to buy 23 tiles. This allowed for mistakes and a few extras to have on hand should I need to swap one out down the line – with kids and pets you never know what can happen!

Let’s talk about price… Carpet tiles are not cheap, especially not the nice ones. Flor brand ranges from $8-$34 per tile. Because this tile is for the mudroom, I chose one on the lower end of the spectrum. My shopping cart came to $368 (23 tiles/shipping) but I took advantage of a 25% off sale they were having at the time of my order. I ended up spending $308 all in which is actually not terrible if you consider their durability (amazing), ease of installation (piece of cake) and versatility (you can easily reuse them). Also, I happen to think they make the space feel polished and complete. What do you think?


All it took was 2 hours, a utility knife, some patience and around $300 to help me feel ready for whatever Old Man Winter wants to throw at me. I say bring it on!