January 10, 2017

Where to Find Fabulous Pillows on Etsy

The most common questions I get when working with clients have to do with accessorizing a room. More specifically, what’s the story with pillows? Do you really need them? How many do you need? What size should they be? Are they supposed to match? I know, I know, really important stuff! But if we are talking about decor, and we are indeed, then pillows are important.

Pillows on a sofa, along with other accessories throughout the space, are like icing on a cake. A room can be well-furnished, properly laid out and tidy but without the small touches it can feel empty and impersonal. Finding interesting pillows that don’t cost a fortune or look like your friends’ pillows can be tricky. It’s hard to know where to start. While the answer to many of these burning questions really depends on the room, piece of furniture, and lifestyle of the inhabitants, I can share with you a few of my favorite, top 8 frequented Etsy pillow sources.


Bryar Wolf is always my first stop when looking for African mud cloth pillows as the selection hits a wide variety of the different traditional as well as contemporary patterns. They also have some Kantha options and some really interesting items from the Ivory Coast.

Boho Pillows is another great place to look for mud cloth and other African textile styles. They don’t always have a large stock of goods but the shelves are replenished regularly so check back often.

Studio Pillows has a great selection of pillows made from designer fabrics. The fresh patterns and modern color palates make this a great place to look for rich textures. The prices are outstanding, even when you factor in the cost of a pillow insert. This shop sells the covers alone.

Motif Pillows has a wide selection of different patterns and colors, and the shop uses mostly designer fabrics. So, if you are looking for a funky Kelly Wearstler or Zak & Fox pattern this should be your first stop.


Tshaj is the place to find Hmong textiles in a variety of colors and weaves. With over 700 items, you are certain to fall in love with something! The prices are all over the map — they sell rare vintage items as well as new organic weaves. So, pay attention to the product’s description to know what you’re buying. The pink hues they have available are exquisite!

Tribal Collection is an amazing source not only for beautiful pillows but also incredible textiles. The page is set up really well…you can search by size, item, or style of textile making the hunt a little easier.

OrientalTribe is another shop with a gigantic selection of wares. From Hmong to Batik, hand blocked to indigo, you are sure to find something you can’t live without.

Pillow Time Girls is a great destination if you are looking for patterns with punch but still a little on the traditional side. John Robshaw patterns can be found here alongside an old school Tommy Bahama banana leaf motif. It’s a fun array.

So there you have it…eight great Etsy shops to snap up pillows that will polish your home and make it feel like your own. Happy hunting!

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