February 03, 2017

Design Essentials: Bar Cabinets

While the idea of a bar cabinet feels rather old fashioned, it seems that this functional piece has come back into style. All of a sudden various takes on this classic can be found almost anywhere – Pottery Barn, West Elm, Restoration Hardware. Even local vintage shops like Salvage Style in Maplewood has been known to stock them from time to time. They are available at all price points and you can even find styles that tuck neatly into corners like this one from West Elm. Here are just a few of the many options available…


West Elm /Pottery Barn / World MarketAnthropologieCrate & Barrel

If you love to entertain, or even if you simply like to enjoy a good cocktail at the end of a long day, a bar cabinet can be an essential component to a home. Not only are they good looking, but they are storage powerhouses. A decent sized bar cabinet can hold a full array of liquor as well as a case of wine and most, if not all of, your barware. So what do you think? Do you consider this piece of furniture a Design Essential for your home?