March 18, 2017

Easy Upgrades: Window Pelmets

A few weeks ago I decided that my daughter’s room needed a change. My typical solution is to move furniture around with wild abandon but, in this small space, that just wasn’t possible. So I decided to tackle the windows. I decided on an easy upgrade – to dress up the simple matchstick shades with window pelmets.

A pelmet a decorative piece of wood or cloth meant to hide curtain or window shade fittings. They can be simple or shapely, plain or fancy – it all depends on the look you are going for. Not typically one to add fussy details like pelmets (also known as valances), but my daughter’s bedroom is fairly simple. I decided if I was ever going to experiment with this type of element the time was now – before she develops even more opinions about home decor than she already has.

My process neither organized nor scientific. I drew a simple shape on a large piece of cardboard and then cut away until the proportions felt right. Then I handed the drawing off to my handyman/husband, some plywood scraps and screws were procured and within a few hours I had the basic structure in hand.


Next I had to make some decisions… Paint? Upholstery? Nail heads? I had some fairly neutral Ikat fabric in the basement as well as some quilt batting (doesn’t everyone?) so I got out my trusty staple gun and got to work. I had a little help from my design assistant…


Once they were installed I decided that they needed a little something extra so I added some passementerie to the edges. I broke out the hot glue gun and affixed some small-scale pompom trim to the bottom edge. Then I called it a day.


Since these pelmets live in the bedroom of a 5 year old I didn’t feel they had to be flawless. This project took me one afternoon from initial concept to installation and it has really pulled the room together. What do you think? Would you try out a pelmet in your home?