July 31, 2017

The New York Times: What to Do When You’ve Picked the Wrong Suburb

South Orange and Maplewood are the perfect suburban towns for my family. There’s no question in my mind. We love it here, but not everyone gushes about the suburb they choose. A recent New York Times article actually detailed this exact conundrum.

The article tracts several families who made the move to one suburb or another to realize they’d chosen the wrong destination. And the article goes on to give good advice, in often a humorous way, about how to evaluate potential locales, really digging into how the community works:

And, he added, our ideas about what suburbs should look like are changing: “People don’t want their mother’s suburb, where there was tract housing and nothing ever happened. They want a suburb that feels more urban.”

Dr. Florida once knew someone who evaluated suburban towns based on the availability of fresh mozzarella. This may be as good a measurement as any. Are you looking for a Whole Foods and a farmers’ market? Do you want to see pickup trucks or Volvo S.U.V.s? A spinning studio or a Planet Fitness? Trump bumper stickers or “Resist” signs?

“These are useful signals because they help you answer the question: ‘Are there people like me here?’” Dr. Florida said.


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