January 09, 2018

Winter at Home

Snow days, hygge, messy mudrooms, and ice melt all mean winter, and we at onGrove couldn’t be happier that the season is upon us. There is something so yummy about winter if you give in and let the season inform your schedule and your level of activity. After all, there’s only so much to accomplish when coziness beckons.

So, for the next six weeks my dear pal and blog partner Sarah Gee and I will be chatting all things winter survival at home. And we’re not talking perfection here — we’re talking about deeply enjoying the season with board games, cozy fires, warm socks, and handicrafts, leaving behind our piles of laundry and messy kitchens until we run out of spoons for hot chocolate.

We’ll share the details of our favorite snow shovels and our hygge goals, plus so much more.  Check onGrove daily and follow us on Instagram for an upcoming giveaway.  Welcome to #WinterAtHome with onGrove!

Until tomorrow, steep a cup of tea, relax into the season, and peruse a few of our favorite onGrove blog posts:

See you tomorrow!

~ Landis & Sarah