January 12, 2018

My Hygge Goals This Winter

Hygge: You’ve seen the term, the hashtag, and the retailer photographs of beautiful throws and accent pillows advertising the curation of cozy spaces. Hygge is all around this winter, but don’t get pulled into the commercialization of it. It’s way more than a living room filled with candles and cozy blankets.

For me, the concept means the creation of a meaningful, enjoyable life filled with connections and intention. I want my days to always feel cozy and special, whether it’s summer or winter, and whether I’m finding the pure joy in simple, everyday tasks or I’m connecting with longtime friends over a homemade dinner.

Sounds delightful, right? We couldn’t agree more! So, as we think about setting intentions and creating coziness, I wanted to share my three actionable hygge goals for this winter.

Finish my knitting project.

I began knitting this delicious blanket a year ago, after my baby girl was born, and I simply need to make time to finish it. I envision cozying up in the living room with a fire and tea, and perhaps an audio book, and knitting. And it would be even more hygge if there was a winter storm howling, right?

Throw a dinner party.

This winter I would like to fill our dining room (pictured above in a rare Lego-free state) with warm, glowing candles, friends, and nourishing, comforting food. I’d like to throw a dinner party complete with mulled wine, board games, and a roaring fire. Lots more to come as I plan the big evening — follow me on Instagram as the details unfold.

Go for a snow hike.

Hygge isn’t just about being tucked away in a cozy living room with candles all winter — it’s also about fully embracing the season. So, how hygge would it be to plan a much-needed date day where my husband and I go for a snow hike — perhaps at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton (pictured above) — then have a late lunch at a cozy spot complete with a roaring fire and wine? Heavenly, right?

Oh goodness, I can’t wait to get started!

Want to read more? Here’s a great post from Hygge House, titled What is Hygge?

Just joining us? Winter at Home is a six week program devoted to all things winter survival at home. And we’re not talking perfection here — we’re talking about deeply enjoying the season with board games, cozy fires, warm socks, and handicrafts, leaving behind our piles of laundry and messy kitchens until we run out of spoons for hot chocolate. Check back often and please stay a while!

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