January 17, 2018

My Gas Fireplace: Easy, Convenient and 100% Hygge

On the list of all things hygge, almost at the top right below candles, is a crackling fire. Picture yourself on a chilly winter afternoon: bundled in cozy clothes, fuzzy slippers on your feet, a mug of hot tea in your hand camped out next to a roaring fire. Sounds like heaven right? Now imagine if all you had to do to achieve that roaring fire was turn a knob. Thats right, I’m talking about a gas fireplace.

I know what you are thinking: Where is the enjoyment without the hard work? The chopping, stacking, hauling, the smell of the smoke in your hair – such wonderful parts of winter. I will admit that there is something uniquely charming about a wood fire warming your feet, but want to know what’s even better? Enjoying your morning coffee fireside every day with zero effort. Instant hygge!

About 3 years ago I bit the bullet and found myself at The Fireplace Place in Summit. It’s a small store and they carry a limited line of manufacturers because, as I was told, they only carry the best. I had the measurements with me so they were able to give me a quote on the spot. Their installers came and ran the gas line, the town inspected it and then the installer came back with the logs. The whole process took about 3 weeks and cost roughly $1600 all in.

That first winter spent curled up next to my gas fireplace was absolute bliss. It snowed a lot that year and after hours of snow removal my entire family would come inside, peel off layers of outerwear and sip hot beverages by the flickering flames. There was no toiling. chopping, hauling or stacking – just a family sitting around the glowing hearth, playing UNO and drinking hot chocolate.

I have realized that sometimes what is more important than doing things the “correct” way is simply being able to do them. Has this fireplace made paying my property taxes less painful? Nope. Does it remind my children to load the dishwasher? Of course not. What it does do is make my winter days just that much more enjoyable by drawing hyggelig moments into my life with the turn of my wrist.

I know some of you won’t ever be convinced… but on the next chilly day, when the snow is lightly falling and your woodpile is dwindling feel free to come on over and cozy up to my fire. I’ll even make you a cup of tea.

Just joining us? Winter at Home is a six week program devoted to all things winter survival at home. And we’re not talking perfection here — we’re talking about deeply enjoying the season with board games, cozy fires, warm socks, and handicrafts, leaving behind our piles of laundry and messy kitchens until we run out of spoons for hot chocolate. Check back often and please stay a while!

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