January 26, 2018

How I Hygge

By now we are all familiar with the term hygge, right? A crackling fire, candles flickering in the dusk, friends gathered round drinking wine and playing Cards Against Humanity all while a light snow falls outside. Sounds like a great way to while away the winter months, right?

For some. While I can appreciate some time spent flipping through shelter magazines and sipping tea, I quickly reach a point when I simply can’t sit still for another minute. Because I’m the sort of person who panics at the thought of a week long beach vacation – yes, even in the deep freeze of January – I’ve had to get creative about enjoying my downtime during the winter months. Since being busy is how I unwind, I have created my own way to get cozy and enjoy the season. This is how I hygge.

My favorite way to relax is to settle in with a creative project. I have picked up some hobbies over the years that serve this purpose, embroidery and knitting are just a few, but my favorite way to pass the time and cozy up to the season is what I call “making stuff” with my family. Last winter we created odd creatures out of wood scraps. This year is turning out to be the year of paper mache experimentation. At this moment there are no fewer than 6 creations in various stages of completion in our basement. 

While this might sound like a lot of messy, time consuming and purposeless work to many, we have found it’s our favorite way to hang out in the warm glow of our home and spend time together as a family. If the general gist of hygge is to cozy up, slow down and shift our typically busy lives inward, toward more intimate things, then I think my version fits the bill. Spending the weekends in the basement listening to music and doing projects along side the people I adore is my favorite way to lean into the season.

The essence of hygge is to do things that make you feel warm and cozy, inside and out, so why not use these next chilly weeks to discover your own way to not just muddle through winter but rather to relish these dark months? What is it that makes you feel cozy? Capture it in a photo, post it on Instagram, tag onGrove and add the hashtag #howyouhygge and you will be entered into a drawing that will take place at the end of our Winter at Home series. The lucky winner will receive a beautiful Moroccan pompom throw from MEUS on Baker Street in Maplewood. It’s a soft and cozy blanket that epitomizes the essence of hygge. So come on, play along and tell us… How do you hygge?

Just joining us? Winter at Home is a six week program devoted to all things winter survival at home. And we’re not talking perfection here — we’re talking about deeply enjoying the season with board games, cozy fires, warm socks, and handicrafts, leaving behind our piles of laundry and messy kitchens until we run out of spoons for hot chocolate. Check back often and please stay a while!

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