February 12, 2018

Design Surprise – A Pop of Color In A Closet

I love an unexpected design element in a space, what I call a design surprise. It doesn’t have to be obvious, an odd painting or decorative object that makes the viewer look twice, a piece of furniture used in an unexpected way, just something that, when noticed, makes the onlooker smile. While on a recent cleaning tear I had all of my family’s coats in a pile on the sofa and it struck me that the closet could use a little… something. I decided a pop of color was in order to brighten up the gloomy days of February. Pulling out my trusty paint deck, I got to work.

I love the color pink but I have found that it is best reserved for accessories and less trafficked spaces so that it doesn’t become overwhelmingly bubble gum. I figured I could go a little wild in a closet since, should I grow tired of the color, it is an easy repaint and the door is shut most of the time. I chose the Benjamin Moore color Peony (2079-30) and hit the paint store.

I did 2 coats of paint in a day and then waited until the following morning to settle back in. I am absolutely loving the way it turned out! With all of the coats and trappings a hall closet contains back in their proper place, the color is a sliver of sunshine… it is exactly what I was going for! If you were to add a design surprise to your home what color would you choose? 

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