March 01, 2018

Buying a New Sofa

Just last week I was vacuuming under the family room sectional thinking to myself… I wonder when I will be able to justify buying a new sofa for this room? Then I thought of the million other things the house needs and, well… the thought disappeared.

Truthfully, the sofa is fine. We bought it when we got married 10 years ago and it was perfect for two people and a dog living in an open plan apartment. The sectional helped to visually divide the space nicely and we didn’t give a second thought to the 3 separate cushions – there was one for each human and, of course, the giant chaise for the tiny dog. When we had our first baby, the dog learned to share the chaise. Once our second child was born we threw in the towel and headed for the suburbs where we were presented with a whole new world of furniture arrangement.

Shortly after moving to SOMA, I discovered that a sectional with a chaise isn’t the ideal sofa for a family of 4. Someone is always sitting on a crack. The chaise really only sits one person plus a dog – it just isn’t ideal. But, as a homeowner with a young family, there are so many priorities trumping a new sofa especially when the existing one, a Jasper Sectional from Room and Board ,is in decent shape.

Then Sunday rolled around and I found myself settling in for some Olympic figure skating. I plopped down next to my mother in law, sticking my husband with the chaise, and as he sat down…. he sunk. Somehow the cross piece along the side snapped and after much interrogation nobody will cop to it or admit any knowledge of it having happened. According to my 6 year old, “Sometimes things just happen.” And so, the time to buy a new sofa came sooner than planned.

Since I specify sofas for a living I pretty much knew what I was looking for. Since this is a spot primarily for watching TV, the key factors are comfort, durability and the ability to seat at least 4 people, a dog and a few bowls of popcorn without anyone feeling slighted. I wanted a deep seat for maximum lounge capabilities and a bench or tight seat in order to maximize the number of people who would fit comfortably – no more sitting on a crack!

I have been eying the Interior Define Maxwell sofa for about a year. I am crazy about the turned legs and the fabric selection is varied. Some people feel iffy about buying a sofa they can’t sit on first, but the company has a great warranty and return policy so I figured I had nothing to lose. Here it is..

Those legs! The only tricky part was choosing the right fabric. I narrowed it down to two options and then I took it to the family. After a pretty detailed pro/con list and a vote, we decided on the Heavy Cloth fabric in Coffee color. I think it’s going to be a stunner.

All in all it took me about 12 hours to choose a new sofa which is good because due to the the factory’s Lunar New Year celebrations there is currently a 10-14 week lead time. Hey, at least I know they follow best practices in their manufacturing, right? Sigh.

So, until that beauty arrives I will be perched on my sectional which is being held up with a hastily constructed leg. Whatever works, right? Happy Year of the Dog!

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