March 08, 2018

Amongst the succulents

At the end of a long, busy day, when my children are asleep, and the toys have been tidied away and the dishes are washed, I stand in the shower. I close my eyes, let the day wash over me and I breathe a sigh of relief. Bedtime beckons, but there’s nothing quite like the water pulsing over my head and the warmth around me to help soothe a weary mind and body.

In London, our master bedroom was at the top of the house, and the en suite shower room was filled with wonderful light from one of the skylights. It was one of my happy places I could escape to. I loved being surrounded by the clean, white subway tiles with the gray grout. I liked the way my feet felt on the warm grey ceramic tiles; how my beautiful succulents thrived from the steam of the shower, the soft patterned towels, my apothecary style toiletries. It was my little haven of Scandinavian minimalism.

When we bought the house back in 2013 and moved in with a three-month-old baby, the shower cubicle was dark, outdated and uninviting. With our renovations we knocked out one of the walls and extended the cubicle so we had glass on two sides. We also extended the subway tile outside of the shower cubicle which increased the visual space and made the tile the star of the room. We added in a second shower head so we had a main rainfall shower with a complimentary adjustable shower head as well. This not only created a far superior shower experience but it made it so much easier to clean!

When purchasing a house most buyers have an exhaustive wish list of everything they desire in a new home.  But how can you refine your wish list to find the right property? What are the most important features you look for in a home? Have you considered what your ‘happy place’ is in your current home? When you are viewing homes, look for the potential to adapt and create spaces that not only work practically for you and your family, but rooms that bring you true delight. Many of us focus on the idea of a perfect open-plan kitchen/dining/family room, but shower rooms and bathrooms can easily be overlooked.

It’s been 11 months now since I last enjoyed being in my old en suite shower room, and I still miss it. Every shower room I have been in up to now just hasn’t cut the mustard. We are currently renting in South Orange and hope to buy a house in SoMa once we know we will be staying here a little longer. By then subway tiles may have gone out of fashion, but I know that I will create my happy space once more amongst the succulents and the soft patterned towels.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for some Scandi inspiration for your bath or shower room.

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