April 05, 2018

Burnham Recessed Radiators

Totally geeking out over Burnham Recessed Radiators over here! I’ve always loved their look and functionality, but now I’m in awe after learning more about them during a recent home inspection.

Did you know these units provide not only radiant heat but convected (hot air) heat, as well? Super cool homeowner factoid!

How do they provide convected heat, you wonder? Well, once the units have been warmed by the steam or hot water system they’re apart of, cool air is pulled upwards and inwards by the heat of the warm radiator. And because hot air rises, the air that’s just been warmed by traveling through the radiator is pushed up and out of the top of the unit, circulating warm air around the room.

And it’s important to note, other radiator designs produce both radiant and convected heat — but what’s neat about Burnham Recessed Radiators is their form, their inherent design, follows this functionality.

Recessed radiators are great — their detailing can be absolutely beautiful and they’re total space savers in bathrooms and hallways, to boot!

Take a stroll around your house — I’m guessing you’ll have new appreciation for a unit or two.

Can you find the radiator in the photo below? Hint…it’s neatly tucked into the wall behind beautiful wood detailing.

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