April 17, 2018

Green House Envy

The color green obviously has lots of connotations for being natural and eco-friendly; the color of life and renewal. But it also can be seen as the color of envy. And once we become homeowners the green eyed monster can certainly get a hold of you. Of course Pinterest, Instagram and the property listings on realtor sites can capture a room so beautifully and perfectly; we would love to replicate that in our own homes. But for me, what can make me envious is visiting other people’s houses.

I stand in someone’s kitchen and I’m eyeing up their island or their beautiful dining table. I’m sitting on someone’s sofa and admiring the print of their cushions and their feature wallpaper. A friend wants to show me their new loft conversion and I’m gawping at their new en suite bathroom. I went to some open houses recently and couldn’t believe how attractive the kid’s bedrooms were – such a great balance of fun and style. I know this isn’t good for me. Envy isn’t a healthy emotion. But we’ve been been gifted with a whole range of emotions and I’m a great believer in exercising them.

So what can we do with ‘green house envy’? It’s natural to admire something that is beautiful, yet it is so easy to compare a home that belongs to someone else and compare it to our own. There are definitely design elements that we can use to influence our own surroundings, but it is important to make them our own, something that we love and enjoy. Let’s not become competitive. It’s like turning up at a wedding in the same dress as another guest, or even worse, that annoying guest trying to upstage the bride. If your house renovations and decorating goals make you feel the turbulence and anxiety of a high school prom, then it really is time to just sit down, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

Our homes should be spaces that we are content with, and most certainly feel comfortable in. Most of the time it is just us living and using them; not the neighbours, or our friends or extended family. I know I always try and make an effort to clean and tidy before I host visitors, but I sometimes think it would be nice if I didn’t feel I had to. We all lead such busy lives, why can’t we live a little more honestly and openly with all who walk through our front doors? So the next time you find your eyes wandering over your friend’s latest renovation project, admire, compliment and most all smile. Because you know that you have a home to to come back to that is yours, and is comfortable as your favorite slippers not a fancy pair of high heels.

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