April 20, 2018

Trend Alert: Spring Florals

I don’t know if it’s because this winter has felt extra long… but lately I have been noticing floral prints popping up everywhere I look! From home decor to bedding to clothing, everywhere I turn my head my eye is drawn to colorful flowers.

As with all trends, if you wish to bring them into your home you should do so selectively. Just because you are seeing bursts of blooms everywhere and loving it doesn’t mean that you should run out and recover your sofa in a glazed chintz fabric! It’s simple (and much more inexpensive) to bring trends into your home in small ways so that, if and when you grow tired of the look, you can simply swap out a few throw pillows or change your sheets.


Sheets are a great way to bring spring into your home. How lovely would it be to wake up on a crisp sunny morning wrapped in one of these fresh patterns? Available in a wide variety of price points, you can surely find a pattern to tickle your fancy!


Botanical / Liberty of London / Augustine / Springy


Shower Curtains

Swapping out your shower curtain can make you feel like you renovated your bathroom… but for a fraction of the cost. Typically one of the largest elements in these small spaces, a new pattern can refresh your whole room, not to mention your morning mood!

Analise / Hydrangea / Lush / Fiore


Throw Pillows

There seems to be a throw pillow renaissance going on… every store I walk into is bursting at the seams with fantastic options. I keep a stash of favorites in my basement to cycle through the house when I need a change and I have been adding to the collection this season!


Wildflowers / Oceanic / Poppies / Painterly


What is your favorite way to celebrate a trend? So how will you bring spring into your home this season?


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