June 11, 2018

Design Obsession: Rugs

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m a sucker for a good rug. I am constantly falling in love with textiles old and new and I often find it hard to walk away. But there is only so much floor space over here on Oakview and, tragically, most of it is already covered.  I know, it’s hard.

Rather than layer rugs 4 deep all over my house, I do my best to find homes for the rugs I feel are truly special. This stunner was snapped up recently…

Over the years I have discovered that some people are afraid of vintage rugs. They worry about durability, proper care, its history, how a vintage piece will blend with the rest of the furnishings in the home and so on. So what are the pros of owning an older rug? Let’s talk about it!

First of all they are durable. An old rug has already lived many lives. If it’s still going strong when you stumble upon it, there is no reason that it won’t keep on making floors beautiful for decades to come. With some basic care – light vacuuming, spot cleaning as needed and a professional shampoo every year or so – a vintage rug made from a natural a fiber like wool or silk can last for centuries. That’s a pretty good life span.

Second, they are one of a kind. With a hand knotted, vegetable dyed piece there is no possible way to end up with two identical items – even if you try. There is magic in having something in your home that is one of a kind. It’s art.

Last, they will offer a splash of personality to your house that you simply can’t achieve from a mass produced product. Small touches like these are what make a home feel truly yours. Layering in pieces with history is a great way to give you that curated, not decorated home I am so drawn to.

These SOMA homes are old, most about a century or more, and I have found that anything goes as long as it isn’t too one note. A home with only antique English Georgian furniture certainly wouldn’t feel like a place fit for a modern family. Neither would a house decked out in only mid century modern – we aren’t living on movie sets, after all. Let’s celebrate the way we live today by incorporating many different styles, layers and time periods. Curated. Not decorated.

Do you own any vintage pieces? Are you on the hunt for a true original? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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