June 19, 2018

My Favorite Garden Tools

If you do any gardening at all, there are certain tools that you need to have: A decent shovel, a sturdy trowel, gloves. But the more time you spend in the garden, the more specific your tastes become in the tool department. I’ve been working in our garden going on 6 years now and I have figured out what works best for me. Here are my favorite gardening implements…

Pruners are a necessity for deadheading flowers, cutting back old growth and cutting veggies. I like the Fiskars brand best – I think they cut well, are comfortable and stay sharp for a long time.

A Fan Rake is essential for getting your veggie beds ready for planting – they grab every leaf and enable you to make the soil tidy, smooth and level before sowing your seeds.

A Mini Tiller is a great tool for cutting stubborn roots or loosening hard soil… we have a lot of that here in New Jersey! It is also good for separating root balls when dividing and transplanting plants – hosta is the first thing that comes to mind.

A good Telescopic Rake is my go to when laying mulch and doing spring clean up. The adjustable width allows me to make the tool the perfect size for the unevenly spaced aisles between my raised beds. I can also space the teeth wide enough that they don’t harm newly sprouting plants when cleaning up the beds after the long winter… I like to cover my plants with fallen leaves to help insulate new growth in the spring. Rotting leaves also add great nutrients to the soil with very little effort.

The Hori Hori knife is great for so many purposes. I like it when pulling out weeds that have, ahem, maybe grown a bit out of control. It can be hard to free firmly rooted plants but with the hori hori you can cut the stalk and then dig out the roots. It’s also really cool looking… It’s a tool I end up reaching for more often than I’d like to admit.

So those are my top picks. Did I leave any of your must-haves out? What are the tools that you can’t live without? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page!

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