July 06, 2018

Tools of the Trade: The Mighty IKEA Bag

Do you have certain things that you reach for again and again? What are the items that make your life easier? One of the tools of the trade I am constantly finding new uses for is the good old IKEA FRAKTA bag. You know the one… big, blue, sturdy handles both long and short. This is an object whose usefulness continues to amaze me. Really – let us count the ways!

Because of their durability, they are perfect for lugging plants home from the garden center or after the Maplewood Plant Sale.

I wouldn’t even dream of hitting an estate sale or flea market without at least 4 in hand. You can fit so many small finds into a single bag slung over your shoulder. They also make lugging big, awkward items a snap. I can’t even count the number of rugs I have carted around in these babies.

Because they are so easily cleaned (and so incredibly inexpensive at just $1.29 a piece) they are fantastic for hauling dirt or dug up root balls around when doing landscaping projects. When I put in my bluestone walk a few years back I used a trusty blue bag to haul paving sand to the worksite. It made the job much more manageable.

Just off the top of my head, here are just a few other ways that I use my beloved IKEA bag…

  • lugging produce inside from the garden or farmer’s market
  • collecting dry cleaning – particularly bulkier items like winter coats or table linens
  • corralling weekend necessities like skiing gear or beach necessities
  • taking large rugs to be cleaned or repaired – they can be so unwieldy!
  • transporting beekeeping supplies like suits and smokers to and from the hives
  • picking up pillows from the upholsterer to replenish my shelves at the Merc
  • lugging holiday gifts up from an undisclosed location
  • making drops at the local consignment store or donation center
  • bringing laundry up and down the basement stairs

The list is positively endless. Is there a tool that you are never far from? Something you always keep within reach, stashed in your car, piled in your coat closet or tucked in your bag? Of the few things I reach for time and time again one of the most useful ones is, without a doubt,  Big Blue. I absolutely love it. And, for some unknown reason, so does my dog.

Are you a FRAKTA fan? Is there another bag that you can’t live without? What makes it special? We’d love to hear all about it… let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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