July 17, 2018

Tricks of the Trade: Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Summer is here and along with blue skies and insane humidity comes dirt from the garden, melted popsicles and sandy toes. One of the simplest, most economical ways I have found to help combat this inevitable mess is with the addition of a few indoor/outdoor rugs.

Indoor/outdoor rugs are made from synthetic materials and so they repel stains like it’s their job. Well, I guess it is, in fact, their job so let’s just say they are very good at their chosen professions! They are so durable and inexpensive that I have found them to be one of my design essentials for households with kids and pets. They are great for entries, mudrooms, playrooms, under an arts and crafts table… I could go on and on.

Another awesome place to use these amazing work horses is under a dining room table. Food tossing toddlers? No problem. Messy relatives? It’s all under control. Until recently, I had this styly beneath my dining table and it gracefully handled everything from red wine spills to chocolate milk vomit. Really. Now that my kids are a bit more trustworthy, I have upgraded to a more upscale rug (I have talked about my rug obsession before), but the rug lasted 5 years under my table and it’s still in decent shape. It has been relocated to the basement where it’s hard at work defining my laundry area. It’s got years left in it!

These powerful creations are also fantastic additions to a back porch or patio. Wood and stone tends to get hot in the warmer months and I have found little feet can be a bit sensitive. I put a large one down on our hot, splintery wreck of a deck and it makes that space functional on even the hottest days. Plus, if it “accidentally” gets sprayed with the hose it dries in a snap. No worries!

Here are a few high and low options that I found…

Cross / Horizontal Stripe / Vertical Stripe / Tribal

Grid / Buffalo Check / Triangles / Double Diamond

At just about any price point, these power houses can be taken outside, chucked on the lawn and hosed off as needed. How awesome is that? And, should major tragedy strike, these rugs are priced so well that, if they can’t be resurrected, you can replace them if you want without feeling too much pain in your pocketbook.

Do you have a brilliant use for an indoor/outdoor rug? Is there a space that you think could benefit from one? Head over to our Facebook page and post a photo… we’d love to see!

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