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Spring Cleaning

Before the weather warms, when there is still snow on the ground (and in the forecast), Mother Nature is hard at work se…

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Mar 12, 2018

Letting Go of Excess

Recently I have been on a tear. I find myself pining for spring big time this year and it ...

Mar 08, 2018

Amongst the succulents

At the end of a long, busy day, when my children are asleep, and the toys have been tidied...

Interior Design

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Mar 01, 2018

Buying a New Sofa

Just last week I was vacuuming under the family room sectional thinking to myself... I won...

Feb 13, 2018

Light Gatherers

When the cold starts to get under your skin, when you grow weary of your alarm going off i...

Local Resources

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How I Hygge

By now we are all familiar with the term hygge, right? A crackling fire, candles flickering in the dusk, friends gathere…

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Jan 10, 2018

Our Favorite Snow Shovels

It is January here in SOMA and winter is in full swing! The wind is blowing, the snow is f...

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